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Payment and Shipping
Fortress Bullion is owned by True Metals Group, LLLC (TMG)

Bank Wires must be received within 48 business hours of placing the order. Checks must be postmarked within 2 business days of the order being placed. Payment sent by mail must be received within 10 calendar days.

TMG will not ship orders to UPS or Fed Ex Stores; only residential and business addresses. However, TMG's legal and monetary liability for the package ends when the package has been signed for at the business, lobby, front desk or military facility. If you have made delivery arrangements with UPS/Fed Ex/USPS to deliver the package to a neighbor, doorman, front desk, etc., TMG's responsibility for the package ends when it is signed for and delivered per your instructions. If you request that TMG ship to a business address, financial institution, bank or vault, TMG has no legal or monetary responsibility for the package(s) once it has been signed for and delivered. Some products are only sent via UPS or Fed Ex and TMG may not be able to ship them to a Post Office Box. If this is the case TMG will e-mail the customer and ask for a non Post Office Box address. All orders are shipped with full insurance and require an adult signature when delivered.

TMG holds all checks and money orders from time of deposit for 5-10 business days, no exceptions. The length of the hold depends on the value of the order and customer standing with TMG. TMG will not ship the order before this time has elapsed. Please do not contact TMG to inquire as to when shipping will occur for your order if this time has not elapsed. After this time elapses the shipment will be released from this hold and sent to the shipping department.

TMG reserves the right to deny, delay, or recall any order that does not meet the security requirements of the company. For first time orders over $30,000 TMG requires a 10% deposit before locking in the metals prices. TMG will only accept U.S. orders. All international orders will be declined. Due to the implementation of Ohio's Commercial Activity Tax, some items will incur additional shipping charges when shipping to that state.  

Once you place an order with TMG, you are agreeing to a legally binding contract. If payment arrangements are not fulfilled as stipulated, TMG reserves the right to cancel and void any orders placed by customers. Any financial losses resulting from non-payment or cancellation of orders are the sole responsibility of the customer. TMG at its discretion may, from time to time and on a case by case basis, allow payments to be received after the cut-off date. All requests must be done in writing to

Placing an order and not paying for it may be determined to be fraud (18 U.S.C. Section 1343) and is punishable by one year's imprisonment and/or $1 million dollar fine. All attorney's fees and financial losses to TMG resulting from non-payment of orders are the responsibility of the client. If multiple orders are placed by a client and only some of the orders are paid for, TMG may use the funds from the client's paid orders to offset the losses on the unpaid orders.

Customers are not entitled to gains from orders that are not paid for or not paid for in the time specified. If you order from TMG and do not pay, you are banned from ordering from TMG again. If an order does not meet TMG's internal security measures, TMG may, at its discretion, offer the customer an alternative payment option or cancel the order.

TMG will issue a full refund for any item that is out of stock and unable to be procured within 14 business days of the shipment release date. TMG makes every effort to ensure that the product availability listed on the website is accurate. However, in fast moving markets TMG may be unable to accurately reflect inventory totals on its website. There are no refunds on gold, silver, platinum and palladium orders. All sales are final. If a product is received damaged TMG will replace the product at no cost to the customer or if a suitable replacement can not be found TMG may offer a similar product to the customer or may refund the customer for the damaged merchandise.

When items are out of stock or backordered (in high-volume markets), TMG's guidance on delivery times are estimates. TMG will work to ensure that items are shipped out as soon as possible. However, mint production delays, U.S. Mint allocations and other circumstances may on rare occasions delay the anticipated release date and delivery time. In such instances TMG will work to resolve the delay by offering the client a comparable product (e.g. one design of silver round in lieu of another, etc.) or an updated delivery timeframe when it becomes known. Clients agree when ordering a delayed product that a revised delivery date is not grounds for order cancellation. TMG will however, make every effort to ship the products as soon as possible.

Pricing and Inventory
While TMG tries to keep its inventory and availability current, market fluctuations may occur which result in our web site not updating accurately. Any orders resulting from prices, premiums or totals which incorrectly post on our website due to incorrect quote feeds, computer and/or typographical errors will be voided. Since the prices of precious metals are constantly changing, TMG's website cart will be updated periodically to reflect these price changes. Some orders may be confirmed prior to finalizing the sale by TMG contacting the customer with the information that the customer provided during the check-out process.

The precious metals markets are very volatile and carry a high degree of risk. We do not offer advice on buying precious metals. Contact your financial professional for this advice. Our silver rounds are not legal tender.

We do not advise on tax related matters concerning precious metals. We do not report your purchases to any authorities, outside third parties or vendors except as where required by law.

Customers are welcome to call the sales desk at (866) 303-0781 between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday-Saturday to place orders/ask questions or email us at:

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